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Size: 77cm*57cm (30inch)

Material:Watercolor,Paper board


Sun-kissed beaches with peach blossomed trees on golden coastlines all surrounded by crystal clear waters. Like a perfect dream but only to be spoilt by a transparent plastic bag. Our expectations of paradise are eventually ruined by reality.

My piece is inspired by an ancient Chinese prose. The prose mentions a Wondering fishermen who stumbles upon a place that can only be paradise, known as Land of Peach Blossoms. The villagers in this paradise live life without any pressure and gladly welcome the fisherman and offer him hospitality. They beg the fishermen not to expose this paradise but on the way back from his journey he leaves clues to guide him back to paradise. He notifies government but government fails to find it.

This piece is ironic as the prose tells us that the government fails to find paradise but in terms of reality government has found every form of paradise and altered it.

I used waterpaint on paper. My brushes used blue to create the blue ocean while yellow and white was used for the beaches. The trees consist of yellow , pink and purple creating a peach contrast just like the land of peach Blossoms.

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